We start with understanding

Consulting and Workshops for start-ups

As start-up founders ourselves, we know that building an app is not a piece of cake. For this reason, we start every process with understanding the business behind it. In other words, not only do we code the product, but we also help define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be delivered within a reasonable budget and time frame and prove its market value as soon as possible. During a 2 or 3-day workshop with the product founders we listen, think, talk and sketch. All of this to get a clickable prototype and documentation for the first product iteration.

Have a Great idea?

Code audits for ongoing projects

In our experience we have been working on a good projects helping them grow with features, resolve performance issues and prepare them to scale up. In each case, we start with a code audit during which we look into the existing code base, verify the code quality and structure, performance and security issues and any other weak spots. Then our team analyse the product roadmap and align it with all the refactoring needs that have been discovered. Later on, we assign a team and jump into coding.

Setting up a project!

Once we have learnt what needs to be delivered, we choose our technology stack and convert the project’s roadmap into the product backlog so that all the stakeholders in the project are aware of the deliverables. At this point, we also set up all project management tools such as Slack or Trello and invite the team members. Once everybody says “Hello”, we are ready to start!

We know how to code

Best practices for rapid development

We believe that quality goes with both experience and certain guidelines. That is why we have created our Coding Best Practices which are a result of over nine years of work. Not only do we maintain the development standards, but we also improve them constantly to deliver fully scalable and stable applications.

Solid and scalable web technologies

We love rapid developments and that is the reason why we work with fast and scalable technologies and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, React and many more - always looking for the best fit for a particular project. When looking for optimum solutions we play with growing frameworks & languages and participate in the community life with our open source projects and internal platforms.

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Fast and flexible mobile solutions

On the rapidly growing market, we deliver both iOS and Android native apps using scalable and proven technologies. In search of the best fit for the project, we remain open and flexible, which means we are always ready to adopt the latest technologies or solutions. All of this to bring the best experience to end users.

We love UE
and UI design

Understanding through sketching

To get the best possible User Experience, you need to understand the product and its target group first. That is why we always start with a research and workshops producing multiple interface sketches (Lo-Fi mock-ups). We play with them, test different ideas and solutions and narrow down to the final vision – in order to get a perfect interface and make sure we can focus on those features which users really need.

Want a stunning design?

Prototyping for better experience

Once we have the initial vision of the product, we create a set of interface wireframes and connect them to create a first working prototype. We play with it internally and engage outside users to make sure our concept is usable. The feedback we get is crucial for us as at this stage we can adjust the application flow to ensure the perfect user experience.

Stunning design is a key

We know that user experience is not only about the smooth data flow or information architecture. Outstanding design is as important as the other factors. That is why we pay close attention to the look & feel stage when designing the final interface and product based on the brand identity (If it is not there yet, we are more than happy to create one too).

We believe in agile management

Agile approach (PM Guidelines)

Over the years, we have developed our best practices for the agile project management in the development process. Our teams work in short time periods called “sprints”, which usually last two weeks following our daily and weekly SCRUM routines to make the process smooth and understandable both for us and product owners. After each sprint, we launch the latest version of the product. This way we can play with it and give feedback about the new features as soon as they are delivered.

Full transparency and communication

We strongly believe that communication, trust and transparency are essential to a successful business relationship. Only then we can achieve our ultimate goal – a perfect product. We insist on keeping in contact with the product owners daily and treat them as important team members. At the end of the day, it is the whole team who is responsible for the end result - from co-founders to every single developer.

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Light and modern tools

We love to stay focused on work. Not only do we use our guidelines and automated processes, but we also rely on fast and simple tools such as Trello and Slack for smooth project management. We encourage our clients to join us in using all these tools just to keep in touch with all the team members and make sure everybody is updated on what is happening with the product.